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German hunters took pride in their Jaegerpipes (longpipes) which were usually decorated with hunting scenes.  We have a large collection of antique pipes, plus we make a few decorated longpipes complete with lanyards and tools made from antlers or horns and rosewood stems.
Castle with Hirsch (Red deer stag)  Antler stem.  $320.00
Auerhahn (German Sruce Grouse)  $225.00
African Cape Buffalo  $225.00
Hirsch (red deer stag)  $235.00
Jagd horn (hunting horn) with gold overlay  $245.00
Rhebuck  $195.00
Hand carved wood with Hirsch scene.  $275.00
Gems (Chamois)  $195.00
Telephone: 509 999-1598

If there is a particular image or writen message you would like us to put on a pipe, give us a call.
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