The studio is located in Spokane, Washington, on Indian Bluff, overlooking the Spokane River and Riverside State Park and the city of Spokane to the east.
Gare's bronze African limited edition sculptures are meticulously scaled in size to one another, allowing for pieces to be combined in casting to suit the interests of the buyer.  For example, the two lions can be combined with each other in any position.  They can be challenging one another, or one or two of the Cape buffaloes, or any other of the species.  The elephant and the black rhino can be combined in one piece just as easily.  A lion facing three hyenas has been done as has a lion chasing an impalla buck.  In this way, each buyer can select and have an original piece unlike any other in existence.

The Bubinga tree has been done with all of the dangerous big five around the water hole including a leopard in the tree and two vultures on the limbs.  As many vultures as you like can be placed on the limbs.  A Bubinga wood table in the shape of the continent of Africa is shown.

See the images of the various pieces, let your imagination "run wild" and call for a quote.  If there is something you want but don't see, call for a discussion with Gare. 

phone or text: (509)999-1598
email:  gdbod@outlook.com
Elephant head detail.  Note the exceptional detail of skin wrinkles that has been achieved.
Waterhole animal track detail
Waterhole rock and tree detail
Two Cape buffalo bulls, an example of two sculptures in combination for a more powerful piece.  $2,850.00.
Cape buffalo bull  $2,250.00
Elephant bull with silver tusks
Impalla buck running from lion
Lion and impalla $$2,250.00.  The lion or the impalla may be ordered seperately.
Snow leopard cast in pure silver
Bronze$1,350.00.  Silver call for quote.
Charging lion  $1,500.00
Threatening lion  $1,250.00
Charging black rhinosceros
Waterhole vulture detail.  As many vultures as desired may be added to the tree from the available individual pieces.
Click an image to see a larger version
"Kisima" waterhole with Bubinga tree, leopard "chui" in the tree with vultures.  All dangerous big five animals may be added as shown.  With leopard and two vultures $7,200.00.  With all dangerous big five $37,500.00.