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African dangerous big five engraved rifles customized in calibers suitable for each of the dangerous animals are available to accompany the purchase of the "Kisima" waterhole bronze sculpture, complete with each of the big five bronze sculptures.  Each rifle has the likeness of the bronze animal sculpture engraved in gold on the rifle receiver.  This is a collection of new rifles only available here and to a purchaser of the dangerous big five sculptures..
Price for the sculptures and rifles:        $137,000.00
Sculptures and rifle collection
​Telephone: 509 999-1598
Elephant rifle .577 Nitro Express
double  custom Walter Outschar
(Ferlach, Austria)
Elephant rifle "Ndovu"
Rhino rifle .418 Rem Mag Mauser custom Frank Wells
Rhino rifle "Kifaru"
Cape Buffalo rifle: "Mbogo"
Cape buffalo rifle .375 H & H Magnum Model 70 Winchester custom Gare Bumgarner
Lion rifle .338 Win Mag Mauser custom by Sterling Davenport
Lion rifle "Simba"
Leopard rifle "Chui"
Leopard rifle .300 Win Mag Schultz and Larson customized by Al Biesen
Cape Buffalo